Thursday, February 2, 2012

New York Giants vs.  New England Patriots Super Bowl Easy Pick

It's Yankees - Red Sox, Celtics - Knicks, Rangers - Bruins...

But in this Super's going to be more like a Columbia U. vs.  Boston College football game.

The Big Picture:

Forget about Eli Manning being better than Peyton.  Eli is not an elite Quarterback.  He is a hot QB.  Eli Manning's problem is consistency.  This year he has had a great year, but year-to-year E  Manning just doesn't get it done.  He great one year, average the next, with a little "not bad" mixed in.

                                                  Two out of three are Elite Qbs

In fact, Eli really didn't have a great year the year the Giants won the Super Bowl.  So, they have a chance, right?  The Patriots have a horrible defense and secondary.  Right?

One word.  Bill Belichick.  He got a team with no defense, ranked 31st in the NFL to the Super Bowl.

He will throw multiple pass coverages against Manning, giving him some rope in which to hang himself.  The Giants will run the ball decently, assisting the Giants offense and Manning are there to make big mistakes.  Manning won't survive the confusing and disguised coverages that will beat him.

Because the Giants defense is very good, it will not be a blowout, It will be a decently close game, but not close enough as the Patriots knock off the Giants 30-20.

The primary reason for the New England beat down of New York will the best player on the field, Tom Brady,

Tom Brady will have a huge game and cement his position as the modern day Joe Montana Big-Game Quarterback.  He took a no-defense team all the way to the Super Bowl.  He will show why he is an Elite QB and Eli Manning brings up the second tier.

Detailed Breakdown on Saturday

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  1. Giants had em all the way lol.

    Are the Giants the worst SB champ of all time?