Friday, November 18, 2011

US Successfully Tests Advanced Hypersonic Weapon

"The U.S. Army on Thursday carried out a successful initial test of a cutting-edge technology that might be incorporated into a non-nuclear "prompt global strike" capability that could be targeted anywhere around the world within an hour", according to GlobalSecurityNewswire and other news groups.

"The vehicle tested this week employs a conical design that has been around for decades and can travel up to 6,100 miles an hour or at Mach 8 speed."

"AHW technologies, if proven successful, might be incorporated into the Air Force Conventional Strike Missile, which could be the first such prompt-attack capability to be fielded.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Defense Cuts Lead to Smallest Navy since 1915

From the AP, "the Pentagon faces some $500 billion in reductions in projected spending over 10 years — on top of the $450 billion already under way."

This is the result of Obama's Defense cuts and the failure of Republicans to extract themselves from such a trap as the SuperCommitte.  Boehner is no Gingrich, when it comes to House maneuvering.

"...eliminating one of three "legs" of the U.S. nuclear arsenal — would force a historic shift in nuclear planning. Panetta said he would be forced to eliminate intercontinental ballistic missiles, the globe-circling missiles based in underground silos. These currently consist of 450 Minuteman III missiles based in the north-central U.S."

The concept of the Nuclear Triad was to give a triple fail-safe safety feature.  If an adversary were to solve one key technological breakthrough to destroy one aspect of the Triad, we would still have 2 large   mechanisms to ensure Nuclear Deterrence. These consisted of a Strategic Bomber Force, Strategic ICBM Force, and Strategic Submarine Force.

Other programs targeted for termination or further cut would include the Joint Strike Fighter, next generation Ballistic Missile Submarine, new Army helicopter program and sophisticated Drone programs.

As the US winds down in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US Military is beginning to plan for both fighting a more selective War on Terror and planning for future adversaries.  That means China.  The new Air-Sea Battle Concept, which focuses on Anti-Access and Area Denial countermeasures, would be hit hard by the Budget Cuts.

US Vulnerability to Chinese supersonic Anti Ship Cruise Missiles and the new DF 21D Anti-Carrier Ballistic Missile has the US cutting critical parts of Air-Sea Battle, at a time when Chinese technology is at record levels and gaining rapidly through both acquisitions from the Russians and stealing Western technology.

Upcoming...Specific Articles on Chinese ASBM DF-21D Carrier Killer and Air-Sea Battle Concept coming this week.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 European Socialist Virtues that are Turning US into Italy

Germans love David Hasselhoff, but they will not love being the financial strongman of Europe.  They will be expected to bail out Portugal, Greece etc...and now Italy.

America can't afford to bail out Italy, we have California to worry about.

For generations, Liberal Democrats have extolled the virtues of Europe and pointed to Europe as the "shining city on a hill".  Now, you rarely hear that yelled from the mountain top.  However, Obama and Pelosi's reign in the House have done far worse.  They are actually emulating Europe and Italy via policy.

The 5 Socialist

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

40 Republicans ask SuperCommittee for More Taxes   (List of All 40)

Don Young – (R-AK)
Paul Gosar – (R-AZ)
Devin Nunes – (R-CA)
Ander Crenshaw – (R-FL)
Tom Rooney – (R-FL)
Jack Kingston – (R-GA)
Mike Simpson – (R-ID)
Robert Dold – (R-IL)
Marlin Stutzman – (R-IN)
Ed Whitfield – (R-KY)
Jo Ann Emerson – (R-MO)
Billy Long – (R-MO)
Gregg Harper – (R-MS)
Howard Coble – (R-NC)
Lee Terry – (R-NE)
Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE)
Charlie Bass – (R-NH)
Richard Hanna – (R-NY)
Peter King – (R-NY)
Bob Turner – (R-NY)
Mike Grimm – (R-NY)
Tom Reed – (R-NY)
Steve LaTourette (R-OH)
Tom Cole – (R-OK)
John Sullivan – (R-OK)
Pat Meehan – (R-PA)
Tom Marino – (R-PA)
Charlie Dent – (R-PA)
Mike Fitzpatrick – (R-PA)
Todd Platts – (R-PA)
Mike Kelly – (R-PA)
John Duncan – (R-TN)
Phil Roe – (R-TN)
John Carter – (R-TX)
Ron Paul – (R-TX)
Frank Wolf – (R-VA)
Tom Petri – (R-WI)
Reid Ribble – (R-WI)
David McKinley – (R-WV)
Cynthia Lummis – (R-WY)

Apparently the GOP is not getting the message.  This took place prior to the key SB2 Union Bill loss in Ohio.  Taxed Enough Already is the Tea they are ignoring.  It's about Spending Stupid.....More caving and RINO dancing to come.

Ron Paul ?
Kraushaar:  The Credibility of a have to read this

After the National Restaraunt Associaton found her allegations to be baseless, they gave her cash to go away, under the confines of confidentiality.  Now, she is spilling her "baseless and false" claims for a bigger payday.

The History: According to the Associated Press, Kraushaar made other unproven claims at her next job.

"...Kraushaar, 55, filed the complaint while working as a spokeswoman at the Immigration and Naturalization Service...".   "Kraushaar told the AP she considered her employment complaint "relatively minor" and she later dropped it."

Her demands and analysis follow here... 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 The UK's Daily Mail has the goods on Bialek :  
"...a friend of Ms Bialek, from Chicago, told the New York Post: 'She has a very infectious personality. It’s easy to see how she won [Cain] over. But the reality of her situation is -- she’s a complete gold digger. It’s all about the money.'...

...the source said: 'Most of her jobs ended in termination. It’s always the employer’s fault, not hers. ...'This is a lady who lives off the system. She is hellbent on finding a way of never having to work and living the lifestyle she wants to live, a very affluent lifestyle."

"Details of a number of legal and financial difficulties have since emerged, with the Chicago Tribune listing a long history with tax evasion and late or missed credit card payments...DETAILS FOLLOW

Monday, November 7, 2011

Conservatives Launch Coalition

The Daily Caller is reporting,  "A group of conservative activists and bloggers, including supporters of others running for the White House, are coming together to form a coalition called to convince voters that the former Massachusetts governor can’t be trusted as a conservative and shouldn’t win the GOP nomination for president in 2012."
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Voyager 2 Launched in 1977 Keeps on Ticking into Deep Space

From"Launched in 1977, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are each equipped with six sets, or pairs, of to control their movement. These include three pairs of primary thrusters and three backup, or redundant, pairs. Voyager 2 is currently using the two pairs of backup thrusters that control the pitch and yaw motion of the spacecraft. Switching to the backup thruster pair that controls roll motion will allow engineers to turn off the heater that keeps the fuel line to the primary thruster warm."

"Voyager 2 will relay the results of the switch back to Earth on Nov. 13. The signal will arrive on Earth on Nov. 14. (A signal voyage of a little over 13 hours) Voyager 2 is currently located about 9 billion miles (14 billion kilometers) from Earth in the "" -- the outermost layer of the heliosphere where the solar wind, which streams out from the sun, is slowed by the pressure of ."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cain Hauls in $1 Million in Days - amid accusations

Reuterus and The Chicago Tribune report that, "Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has hauled $1 million in donations in recent days, a spokesman said on Thursday, despite accusations of sexual harassment that have consumed his campaign...

Mr. Cain's supporters around the country have rallied around him, and we have been encouraged by their strong showing," spokesman J.D. Gordon said in an email...

The Cain campaign, in an email to backers seeking contributions on Thursday, said "Republican candidates" and the "liberal media" are trying to derail his campaign."

Cain Initiates Iowa Fund...No More RINOs...
Contribute here...  IowaFund

Obama White House Subpoenaed 

The Washington Times reports that Solyndra documents have been subpoenaed due to White House stonewalling.

"By a 14-9 party-line vote the Energy and Commerce Committee’s investigative subcommittee authorized issuing a subpoena for any White House documents related to Solyndra..."

"“We simply cannot allow the executive branch at its highest levels to pick and choose what they will produce, or whether they will produce anything at all,” said Rep. Cliff Stearns, the Florida Republican who runs the investigative panel...Democrats said it was “unprecedented”."

Analysis Follows...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hurri-CAIN Alert:... Widens Lead over Romney

Cain        30
Romney  23

Quinnipiac Poll
"From October 25 - 31, Quinnipiac University surveyed 2,294 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.1 percentage points. Live interviewers call land lines and cell phones. The Republican primary includes 869 voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.3 percent"

Perry is getting no bounce and comes in at 8%.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Water-Boarding Politico.........The Conservative-Cain Strategy

I would take great joy in personally waterboarding the "journ-o-lists" who wrote this meaningless hit piece on Herman Cain.  But I'd also enjoy doing that to GOP Establishment hacks like Joe Scarborough and Karl Tokyo Rove, as well.

Information is important and I'd love to know whether it was Romney or Perry's campaign which gave their opposition research to Politico.  I have my feelings on this, but I won't speculate until more information comes out on it.

The bottom line is that these were allegations made 20 years ago that were found to be "baseless and false"

The media is now spinning Cain's version is a false and misleading way.  Cain has added more information and the Leftist media and GOP Establishment hacks like Tokyo Rove are claiming Cain has changed his story.  That is false.

Herman Cain is the last viable conservative left standing, thus thus attempt at his destruction.  If Cain is out of the way, the Establishment has it's glorious match-up...Romney versus Obama.  A weak Obama actually has a shot to beat a weak Romney, who really can't attack ObamaCare.  It also gives Obama, a politician with no economic successes, an opportunity to go on the offensive.  He can attack Romney's flip-flops, which are numerous and substantial.

Conservatives can still prevail, but it will take  some forward thinking.  The Conservatives will Prevail with 3 Actions:

1.  Conservatives must Rally around Cain - Now...We cannot expect the campaigns of Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum and especially Perry to dropout and support Cain.  It is up to the conservative supporters of said candidates.  This will take thinking ahead and supporting ONE Conservative, now.

2.  Read Above
3.  Read Above...It is that simple.  Romney has no chance if Conservatives are united.  None.