Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama Not Vetted...Herman Cain ?

After ignoring Cain's initial debate and polling success, the liberal Media will now maneuver to another takedown strategy.  The Left cannot permit a Black American who is Conservative to be the face of the "Evil GOP".

Cain has come off the liberal socialist reservation and he will be attacked mercilessly. Take the CBS Morning Show Interview. (link not working presently...hmmm)  The two young "journalists" are acting like the overseers of the plantation, "...why run?...".

More important was the body language of these interviewers.  They look like deer in the headlights. One can imagine them thinking, "omg, we can't permit this".

Herman Cain handled the interview magnificently. Blending in his 999 plan naturally and confidently.  But expect Palin like attacks on Cain.  If he takes even a quarter of the black vote away, the Election is over, before it begins.

Update:  Rumors are that internal polling of several candidates indicate Cain is surging in Iowa now.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


SurveyUSA Poll

The Herminator battling Romney alone in critical State of Florida. How long will Media ignore a rising Cain?

UPDATE:  "Cain is strong among men, younger voters, Tea Party members, affluent voters and in Northeast Florida. Perry is strong among those who say they are "very conservative," among those who attend religious services regularly, among Evangelicals and in Northwest Florida."

Christie and Palin?  Message was "stay out"
500 Million Chinese Online...Special China Features Coming

An incredible number of people as reported byXinhua News Agency.  The working and middle class of China will explode over the next few years.  Amazing demographic trends will be developing. 

Of course the Chinese government is attentive to this: "The growing strength and influence of the web population has fueled concern in Beijing about the Internet's potential as a tool for generating social unrest, and authorities have stepped up surveillance in recent years."

The Chinese government is playing a delicate game of balance between growing economically while a more inquisitive and thinking middle class demands certain rights that all people demand.  The "Great FireWall of China", the name for the censoring system on the net, will eventually be breached through technology and creativity.
Congratulations to the Chinese people on becoming a Space Superpower.  The Chinese successfully launched their first orbiting laboratory, which will eventually lead to space docking and a planned Space Station named, Tiangong or Heavenly Palace.

Every Day Conservative plans a weekly Special on China. Features will be Economic Power, Foreign Policy, Spratly Islands, Taiwan Relations, PLAN (Chinese Navy and Blue Water Strategy), and J-XX or J20 Stealth Fighter. Look for a feature article every 7-10 days.

China and the United States will inevitably meet in many areas of life in the near future. We need to take an objective look at China.
Rush Plays Chess while Others Play Checkers

Rush commented yesterday that, "...the GOP doesn't want a conservative nominee...".

He went on to mention conservatives who have been attacked, "Perry, Bachmann, Cain...".

Cain hasn't really been attacked as much as ignored.  When Cain one the Florida Straw Poll it didn't matter, when he was named the leader in the Zogby Poll it was written off, when he pulled to a 3 way tie in the Fox poll, it was ignored.....and purposefully misinterpreted by FOX News.

Fox and conservative pundits make a living tearing apart bad polls.  But somehow they missed the CNN Poll that used only Registered voters and used an unstated mix of both Republicans and Independents to massage a poll that showed the GOP race as unchanged since the Florida debate.

Worse, Fox ignored their own Poll of Likely Republican voters that showed the race as a statistical dead heat with a 5.5% margin of error.  Instead, they showed it as Romney recapturing front-runner status. It played out this way in every liberal media outlet across the country: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR.

The overt bigotry of insulting and mocking conservatives has been replaced by the subtle bigotry of ignoring Herman Cain.  Not for long.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fox News Poll

Romney  23   Perry  19  Cain 17

Note:  5.5 % margin of error - So, in effect a 3 way tie for 1st place.

This confirms the movement detected in the Zogby Poll that came out recently.
We officially have 3 Leaders now.


WLS reporting..."Facing a Friday deadline, the Energy Department has approved two loan guarantees worth more than $1billion for solar energy projects in Nevada and Arizona." Because Solyndra wasn't enough.

"Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the department has completed a $737 million loan guarantee to Tonopah Solar Energy for a 110 megawatt solar tower in Nevada, and a $337 million guarantee for Mesquite Solar 1 to develop a 150 megawatt solar plant in Arizona." If Solar can't compete in Arizona and Nevada without taxpayer subsidies...where can it compete?  

"The loans were approved under the same program that paid for a $535 million loan to Solyndra Inc., a now-bankrupt solar panel maker that has become a rallying cry for Republican critics of the Obama administration's green energy program." Give us more Solyndra

"The latest loan program, approved under the 2009 economic stimulus law, expires Friday. At least seven projects worth about $5 billion are pending." ...More to come

NC Gov Perdue: "Suspend Elections"  WAS NOT A JOKE (Audio)

Does Liberalism naturally lead to autocratic despotism?  Maybe we should learn history better.
Obama "The Audacity of Failure"

It's one thing to see Obama fumbling an displaying his ignorance on economic matters here in the United States.  It's quite another to have him making strikingly moronic statements to other world leaders.  Obama, brazenly chastised European leaders (I guess he wants to now blame the Europeans for his political downfall) by warning:

"...the European financial crisis is scaring the world..."

The response was an embarrassing rebuke of the President of the United States, by German Finance Minister, Wolfang Schauble:

"It's always much easier to give advice to others than to decide for yourself. I am well prepared to give advice to the US government."

The Finance Minister could be referring to $1.3 Trillion in current Annual Budget Deficits, Increasing National Debt to $14 Trillion (equaling Bush's Debt of 8 years in 2 years)...while at the same time, ignoring Entitlement Cost Reform while greatly expanding Entitlement Costs with ObamaCare. The results: for the first time in history the United States of America lost its AAA Debt status, companies won't hire, houses won't sell... 

President Obama had crackerjack US Treasury Chief Tim Geithner offer his plan of increasing the Euro lending limit.  Finance Minister Schauble fired back:

I don't understand how anyone in the European Commission can have such a stupid idea. The result would be to endanger the AAA sovereign debt ratings of other member states. It makes no sense.

It says a lot about Obama's epic failure and beyond that.  Obama doesn't understand he has failed. He thinks he can lecture the Europeans, most who still have their AAA debt ratings.
Vanderbilt Threatens to Ban "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" 

Vanderbilt has placed the "Fellowship of Christians Athletes" and four other campus Christian groups on "Provisional" status for allegedly "violating" non-discrimination policies. Vanderbilt will shut the groups down if they do not adhere to university policy.

One has to really stop and think about this.  A University formed by Methodists is telling Christian groups that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is discriminating, if the group "shares the beliefs, goals and values" of Christians. 

But this is America, so I'm sure the ACLU or US Department of Justice will rush to save the Christian groups' religious freedoms.  Oh wait, it was the ACLU legal suit that led to to this policy of bigotry in the first place.

This is quite incredible.  Liberal "tolerance" in action.

The American Family Association is running an email Action Alert aimed at Vanderbilt.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Iran says may Deploy Navy near U.S. Coast 

Sorry, couldn't give Iran that.
Small Town Americana Honors A Hero

Wounded Warrior Project
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Extend a hand to our Patriots. Welcome them home and thank them.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Zogby Poll ....First Poll National Poll in after the Debate:

CAIN  28%


We read these Tea Leaves...Perry was a bubble....Cain filled the vacuum.
Read Analysis Report Below on what Cain needs to do now.

Update: Zogby used Likely Primary Voters that were GOP

A CNN Poll is much different showing Perry leading but it uses both GOP and Independents who are only Registered Voters, versus Zogby's more accurate Likely Voters.
Cain Perry or Palin: Where do Conservatives go?

Assuming that Romney is rejected by ideological conservatives, except for a last resort stable fall back, conservatives will be making a huge decision and will start solidifying their support behind Cain, Perry or Palin.

This vacuum will be filled soon.  Within the next couple of months.  The "four more of Obama" fear is opening up the space and despite recent scientific data which challenges Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, the law of Election Physics will speed up the process.  Conservative Republicans know they have Obama (Jimmy Carter II) on the ropes and they are not messing around.

Cain:     Cain has momentum coming out of his excellent debate performance, with the multiplier of Perry's meltdown.  The key here is that Cain's people will have to adjust quickly and transition to Conservative Front Runner status.  They have captured the attention of conservatives and now must parlay that by keeping that attention and building upon it.  Galvanizing the grass roots will be the easy part, but they must request that vocally and publicly on a national basis.  Garnering conservative's attention will not be enough.

The harder test will be one of Logistics.  The Cain Campaign will have to go national, transitioning to organize nationally, while focusing on key states strategic to his winning.  His "Business Man Protest" campaign will have to flesh out a staff to handle national organizing, financing and includes garnering local and state level politicians and fundraisers to come out and endorse Herman Cain.  He needs Commitment.  Kinetically moving from Trending and Momentum to front runner status will not be easy. The businessman will need to take a serious look at his staff and bring in more people.  Expect huge gains in the next national Poll later this week.

Perry:         Perry is an interesting case.  His lackluster debate performances have imploded with a dreadful Florida Debate last week.  Normally, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but this is not a normal year.  He is losing air fast.  He is a victim of his early success, with his bubble taking off with a positive explosion over Establishment candidate Mitt Romney.  Now, a few bad debates later, his rhetorical stumbling has conservatives pulling back on strong support.  Gov. Perry will need to earn those voters back.

Perry's staff is used to winning elections but should not be complacent. This bubble burst is for real.  Conservatives instinctively realize that a poor debate or debate error will give the media the opportunity to run with the "he's not competent" story, they want to tell, in the liberal media's blatant support of Barrack Obama.

Perry will have to slow down the financing efforts and practice debating.  It matters.  In addition, he needs to do a better job of explaining his "children of illegals" empathy and policy.  Most Republicans believe that Perry is making direct subsidies to illegals.  He also needs to do a reset on his Border Security policies and come out with a modified "building the fence" initiative.  Expect huge losses in the next national Poll later this week, potentially shocking losses of support.

Palin:          Palin still has strong currency among base conservatives and Tea Party activists.  Don't believe the spin about her negatives and GOP voters not wanting her to run etc.  It's way to early to expect acceptance and most people have no idea where she stands on policy issues.  Yet, her policies run right in line with the majority of Americans' viewpoint, excepting the liberal media and the uber Liberals.

Palin will have the same obstacles of Logistics that Cain has as stated above.  However Gov. Palin has more national support lined up waiting to go and has the ability to take the air out of Cain's momentum at the drop of her announcement.  It's all about the announcement or no announcement for Sarah Palin.  Interestingly, just a few months ago pundits were saying it was too late for her now.  Currently, pundits are advising that she can wait even longer.  I would posit that those who want her to wait past the Florida deadline for registering for the Primary, are either miscalculating or don't have Palin's interest at heart.  Expect Palin to get in the race the last week of October or expect her to not run.
The US-Pakistani Alliance is Over
Pakistan Defies US, Will Not Attack Haqqani Group

Why would we expect Pakistan to attack the terror group that they assisted in attacks on the US Embassy in Kabul and many other attacks on US soldiers?  It must be noted that American foreign policy weakness is contributing to this situation.

A series of events has shined light on the reality of US-Pakistan relations.  Pakistan's audacious protests of the US operation to kill Bin Laden is only outdone by the fact that Bin Laden was hiding in a huge compound next to the Pakistani elite Military Academy. The size of the compound was one of prominence, obviously one that would have faced scrutiny due to it's location and size.

The SEAL and special operations attack has blown the lid off of any pretense that Pakistani elements were assisting Osama Bin Laden. That much was known inside American Intelligence.  The ISI has a long history of supporting terror groups at odds with US interests.  What is spectacular is that the Pakistani government, now broadly asserting its objections and defying the United States outside of diplomatic channels.

These events lead to the obvious questions and at least partial answers that, yes, the Pakistanis are involved with Al Qaeda, Taliban and other anti American groups, at much higher levels than was analyzed at CIA.

There was a brief gunfight at a hotel in Kabul used as a CIA office on Sunday evening, which is modeling the defiant retaliatory nature of the attack on SEAL Team 6 helicopter assault, recently.

Possibly, more remarkable is that Pakistan is only emulating Iran, who has consistently and directly been aiding insurgency forces in Iraq and other areas.  US forces have caught numerous elite Iranian Al Quds officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The Pakistanis are doing the same thing, fighting against American men and women, just via proxy Taliban groups like Haqqani.

The veneer is off the "ally" and it is high time that we take both short and long term action, in this regard.  Our intelligence has much more detailed information and it needs to see the sunshine of the entire world community.

The US should immediately:
     1. Release intelligence outing the Pakistan terrorist connections
     2. Demand select ISI officials be detained for interrogation.
     3. Attack Haqqani groups harboring inside Pakistan
     4. Announce military sanctions against Pakistan
     5. Advise Pakistan that any future Alliance is up to them and their actions.
Long term the US should:
     1.  Feature a US-Indian Alliance that is the linchpin of US Security interests in the area.
     2.   Bolster Indian Trade relationship to benefit US workers
     3.  Highlight Indian Democracy as the strength stabilization in the area.

What of Pakistani nuclear weapons and the fear of terrorists getting WMD capability?
That fear is real but is not hindered by facing the reality of the Pakistani problem. We have special operations teams that specialize in countering that threat inside of Pakistan.

Being a former high school football coach, I always thought the gridiron would be the last vestige of reverence to God and the young men who throw themselves against each other in America's game.  I also knew that when the State intervened here, the Nation would be at Risk.

We are at risk. We are at a tipping point, both fiscally and culturally.

Westmoreland, Tennesse School District did not punish the four coaches, they reeducated them on District Policy.

 "During a student-originated, student-led prayer, four coaches bowed their heads. They didn't say a     word.  But the principal and the district found out.
"We've been telling our principals to kind of be looking for those things, because that is kind of a shift in how things have been done," Sumner County Schools spokesperson Jeremy Johnson said. "It can in no way appear like it's endorsed by Sumner County Schools personnel."
Channel 4 asked if bowing one's head qualified as endorsing.
"It depends on what it looks like," he said. "That's where you kind of get into the gray area that we're having to deal with."
Each coach had to sign a letter stating he understood the district's revised policy.
Staff can be there when students pray but can not appear to take part, even outside school hours."

The ACLU recently sued the District, arguing they violated the separation of Church and State.

I'm sure that Obama's humiliating treatment of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, was a coincidence.

Anybody could interchange words that sound so much alike.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

PERRY 15.43 percent
ROMNEY 14 percent
SANTORUM 10.88 percent
PAUL 10.39 percent
GINGRICH 8.43 percent
HUNTSMAN 2.26 percent
BACHMANN 1.51 percent

A late surge  for Herman Cain in the Florida Straw Poll, has conservatives and Republicans clamoring. The Every Day Conservative commented about a possible surge and "it begins".  Now, it will be up  to Cain to take advantage and get his message out.  He has been the clear winner in the last two debates if you exclude the "two man race media meme."  

Prior  to the Florida GOP Debate, Herman Cain displayed a mini surge in South Carolina polling, moving from obscurity to 7.8%. So, it's possible that Cain was increasing his presence prior to the Florida debate.  There is a possible synergy going on here: Pre-Surge in South Carolina, excellent Florida Debate, Terrible Perry Debate,   and the possibility of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie getting in and diluting Establishment favorite Mitt Romney's vote.


Obama's approval ratings have fallen to historic lows, with only 36 percent of Americans saying that they approve of the way he is handling his job overall, according to a new poll from the Economist/YouGov.  

It's the Economy stupid and the poll also shows two other critical factors:
     1. Americans aren't buying the new "Jobs Bill" and see it as a campaign ploy.
     2. Major GOP candidates, Palin, Perry, Romney are all within striking distance.

Obama is free-falling into Carter territory. This means that the  next Election could be of epic scale.  We could see a Reagan type of Landslide Election.  60 Senate seats could be in play, which have the potential to erase ObamaCare and many other Obama initiatives and regulations.

What is more important for Conservatives is to keep the faith and insist on a Conservative nominee.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Satellite Hits Man in Alaska

Will Palin Get In ? Here is Palin's Timeline Window

"Florida Division of Elections has set an Oct. 31 deadline for the Republican Party to provide a list of names of presidential candidates. The very next day, Nov. 1, is the last chance for GOP White House hopefuls to submit a filing fee to get on the ballot in South Carolina."

So Palin will have to target a few days prior to this date to announce if she wants to maintain a surprise announcement.  Forget about dates past this date. Unconventional campaigns also have realistic parameters.

At this point she has not made organizational staff hires to run a campaign. But don't eliminate Palin from running due to this. Gov. Palin has made it very clear she will run a "different" type of campaign.  Palin has the most activated portion of the Conservative and TeaParty Base. She could get an organization and and abundance of foot soldiers and instant cash.

Pundits and Establishment elite in the GOP, along with the Liberal Media will attempt to claim with certainty that she has to run now.  Maybe she won't run, but their timeline is self-serving. It is not valid.

The Perry debate flop may provide Palin with huge incentive to get in this race.  I think based on her statements that she wants in this race. Will she?  It will be brutal on her. But the opening is there for Palin based on:
          1. Still an opening for a strong conservative with base and TeaParty support.
          2. Perry has left an opening and will likely result in a sever vacuum as his polling drops.


Perry's Debate Performance was the driver of what is coming next, which is a sharp plummet.  Note that Perry came in on a undeserved front runner bubble and that bubble burst last night.  Romney was sharp and as mentioned by some many of Luntz's post debate group, looked "Presidential, confident, and competent. Look for Romney to move up and possibly retake the lead as the front runner.

Perry seemed to have several openings and kept stumbling and searching for his rhythm.  He seemed searching and then suddenly had that look like he walked into the wrong restroom. It's not over for him but it will take work to recover. He does have money to fill the airwaves with sharper attacks than he seemingly can muster on the debate floor. Perry stubbornness on the Illegal Immigration Border Issue and Subsidized Tuition for Illegals issue is not helping.

Romney, through polished appeal, asserted his position as the real front runner. Remember, to many Republicans, the reality of the damage that Obama as done to the country is immense.  This benefits Romney and he'll get a strong second look now.  To his credit, Romney is assuaging fears, and people are gaining a measure of security that Romney is more conservative, than his Massachusetts Governorship allowed.

Bottom line :  Romney may retake the lead and he may solidify his lead this time with the Obama fear assisting.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Every Day Conservative can read the Tea Leaves (Pun Intended).   Perry will fall sharply after this debate. Romney will come to even and may overtake Perry.

Luntz's case group noted many switches to Romney.  People want a confident, intelligent and competent nominee.  Whoever can beat Obama, basically.  Updates coming...

UPDATE:    After Romney (full disclosure I am not a Romney fan) Cain did the best.  He is good at debates and has a real Economic Recovery Plan, the 999 Plan.  The only other person that did well was Newt Gingrich.    
Gingrich is a visionary and has been behind some great conservative wins (despite his recent dalliances with Global Warming etc.)

UPDATE: The full Breakdown on Romney and Perry in a later Update...

BREAKING SCIENCEParticles recorded moving faster than light: CERN...Einstein Theory of Relativity challenged

"An international team of scientists has recorded neutrino particles traveling faster than the speed of light, a spokesman for the researchers said on Thursday -- in what could be a challenge to one of the fundamental rules of physics.
If confirmed, the discovery would overturn a key part of Albert Einstein's 1905 theory of special relativity, which says that nothing in the universe can travel faster than light." 

Einstein said, “Time is relative, depending on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.”

     Neutrinos have mass, but light does not.  186,000 m/per second is the law, or was the law until today's scientific breakthrough. Just about everything in Physics is about "light speed" in some way.  If this is confirmed or validated by other scientists and accepted, everything in Physics is out the door. We are starting all over again.

We are all "Special Theory of Relativity" Deniers now!


I knew this subject had come up in class before because he told me last week that the teacher had a picture of two men kissing on a wall that had pictures from across the world."...The student's suspension has been lifted after family retained an attorney, according to Star-Telegram   Fight for your rights.


"A Fort Worth high school student was sent to the principal’s office earlier this week for telling another classmate he believes homosexuality is wrong."  foxnewsDFW
The Honor Roll student was suspended.  More political correctness and taking away of our freedoms.

Breaking from BBC

When the Senior most military person makes a bold statement like this, he has credible evidence.

     Since the US SEAL Team 6 operation near Pakistan's "West Point" killed Osama Bin Laden, US-Pakistani relations have degraded and will now likely degrade further.

Adm. Mullen's comments include stating evidence shows Pakistani Intelligence (ISI), have been involved in multiple smaller but effective operations.  This does not portend well for future relations between Pakistan and the United States.

More importantly, it affirms belief that the ISI had stronger connections to Osama Bin Laden than expected. Pakistani involvement in attacks on US and NATO troops in Kabul, also speaks to lack of respect for US prestige and power. 

This is yet another policy issue that is sure to dog Pres. Obama, both in policy adjustment and in his overall lack of a strong Foreign and Military Policy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Troy Davis was pistol whipping a homeless man. A police officer attempted to help and Troy Davis shot the cop.  After seeing he wounded the officer, Troy Davis stood over him and mercilessly shot the officer in the head.

Let's break the 6 recantations down.  Note, there were 34 total witnesses.

Three were friends of Davis, including one who stated he didn't see who shot the officer, although he admitted being 5 yards away.

One recantation was not a recantation as the homeless man's girlfriend is deceased, there is no evidence of her recanting.

Two recanted only certain things in their recantations.  The Defense refused to call them as witnesses.

Mercy for Troy Davis?  Hopefully he is right with God.

The 3 strongest witness were Air Force personnel that drove out of the drive-through and saw everything and positively IdentifiedTroy Davis without hesitation. In court testimony, they were emphatic that you don't forget the face of somebody who leans over a person and shoots them.

It is standard Defense Attorney tactics now to prey on witnesses that feel like they are killing somebody by giving their personal testimony. This is a common boilerplate tactic.

MARK MACPHAIL...........That's his name, the police officer helping a homeless man. Dead. Gone. This is his Mother.
Gov. Perry Takes on Obama in New TV Ad (Full Video)
Calls Obama "Zero", States "America's Best Days are Ahead".  Excellent Ad.
Palin Strikes Back to within 5 Points of Obama 
Gov. Sarah Palin, not even in the race yet, has pulled close to Obama. Clearly the negative media attacks have had an impact on Palin's popularity, but the disdain of Obama is putting her back into serious contention.

Palin has large support in the Conservative base of the GOP and could throw a wrench into the current Perry / Romney 2 way race.

The words, " MADAM, PRESIDENT " ,  would certainly make Liberal Heads Explode.

Obama's historical UN speech made history because the speech was entirely targeted for US domestic consumption.  It was a campaign speech noting his mirage of miracle in the Arab Spring, most of which appear headed for even worse Radical Islamic governments. However, the most arrogant part of the speech is when he touted his JOBS BILL.  

The Liberal media will give credence to the speech.  The important part of the speech is the consequences of the speech, which we'll show as the pictures and video come in....Palestinians rioting.
Obumbler set himself up with his ridiculous humiliation of PM Netanyahu and Israel and coddling of the terrorist Palestinians.   MORE RESULTS OF OBAMA UN SPEECH COMING...
UPDATE:  Abbas to fomrally ask for Statehood.........After UN Veto..Video will be uploaded.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


$1.5 Trillion in new Taxes on those who create Jobs.  Worse, it is a sacrifice of the American economy and citizens to play politics by attempting to rally his Liberal base.

Obama himself stated that "we shouldn't raise taxes in a recession".  Well our economy is setting records for poverty not seen since 1980. Unemployment is still 9.1%.  The real unemployment rate is  around 17%.

This is not a small problem my friends. It will take a massive and creative Solution, not unlike what Ronald Reagan did in 1980, which led to the biggest peacetime expansion of our economy since WWII.  


Here are some limited government solutions that focus on creation of wealth and creation of jobs out of a larger pie, not focusing on the Big Govt. Socialism that has failed over the last 3 years.

Aptly named    Saving the Dream

Tax Reform
Govt Spending
Social Security
HealthCare (Not ObamaCare)

We will be breaking down these ideas in detail in the coming days and weeks. Starting with TAX REFORM

Obama's Diplomatic FUBAR in the UN
The Jewish people in NY9 abandoned Obama, so why is it surprising that the Palestinians miscalculated by pushing for a Statehood vote in the UN?

Why are the Palestinians attempting a Statehood vote in the United Nations?  A vote that is yet another failure of the Obama Administration.   It's very simple, Obama has blundered his way into the MidEast by giving the Terrorists in charge of Palestinian statehood favorable status and clearly isolating Israel.

The isolation of Israel began by completing dissing PM Netanyahu.  When Netanyahu didn't bend to Obama's Pali-centered demands, Obama left the PM sitting for hours in the WH, why Obama dined separately. This was followed up by Obama making a major speech.  The focus of that speech was Israel agreeing to go back to Pre 1967 War boundaries, thus giving up the Strategic Golan Heights and other areas.

Every Obama policy has been radically abandoning our ally, Israel, and supportive of the terror "wannabe" Palestinians.  So, Obama has emboldened the Palis into putting both the United States and Israel into an embarrassing Foreign Policy five alarm PR disaster.

Why LightHouseSquared Matters...

"More than two years after President Obama took office vowing to banish “special interests” from his administration, nearly 200 of his biggest donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests or attended numerous elite White House meetings and social events, an investigation by iWatch News has found.

This article in June is key in seeing how Obama operates and why Solyndra and LightHouseSquared, especially, are very important stories. We will be breaking down each and Updating primarily LightHouseSquared as this unfolds.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Current Taxation: In 2010, the federal government collected roughly $2.2 trillion in total tax revenue. Income taxes accounted for $900 billion of collections, or about 40% of all tax receipts. The federal government spent around $3.5 trillion; the resulting deficit of $1.3 trillion was made possible by borrowing.

If Obama's Tax increase on Families and Business earning over $250,000 were to solve the current $1.3 Trillion Annual Budge Deficit, tax rates would have to increase to 140%, which is more than they earn.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Breaking:  Business Insider Reveals Obama Will Propose  $ 1.5 Trillion in TAX INCREASES  New Book: Obama an Idiot
The plan cuts just over $2 trillion, with about 75 percent coming from tax increases.
$1.5 Trillion in Tax Increases and a fictitious $1.1 Trillion savings from ending Wars.
Business Insider states that Obama will unveil the Tax Increase in a Rose Garden speech at 10:30.
      It is clear that Obama is either in over his head or intends to tax the American people into a Double Dip Recession, if not a Depression.  YOU DON'T TAX JOB PRODUCERS AND EXPECT JOB GROWTH.  The Every Day Conservative predicts you will see Democrat politicians abandoning Obama in huge numbers leading up to the election.   
         **Pulitzer-prize winning author received extensive co-operation from the White House, portrays the American president as indecisive, out of his depth and facing insubordination from advisers. Read Here 

MooChelle Obama is mandating what Americans can eat.

MooChelle Obama Mandates McDonald's Happy Meal Micro Order of 7 Fries with Apples
My very athletic and slim 6 year old is not amused.

Friday, September 16, 2011


This is not going to go well as France will use police to clear the streets.  Muslims state they want public funding to pay for building more mosques.
You'll have to ignore the biased hyperbole from the reporter.     Are You Kidding Me?

It's clear that Obama does not like to be questioned or to take criticism.  Thus, we have
AW is providing unbelievable comedy to a generation that is missing a SNL that actually IS funny.

I'm sure everybody knows how to have fun.  If you don't, you may have missed it because the site will likely be taken down soon.  Although, at the current time, Obama's BoraCrats are claiming victory with huge hits. The problem is that the hits are all from conservatives, who are poking fun by reporting themselves and fictional "others".

Ok, this is not the real AttackWatch but this is even better, since the incompetents in the Obama Administration will certainly have the real site down by now.

Note: We are under Construction.  We will have short humorous posts like this, but the focus on the site will be to have serious Political Articles.  We will focus on Economic Security and National Security, as well as some Every Day comments on Sports and Life.