Friday, February 3, 2012

"Poor"  Romney Can't Win

Please watch this video...It is Instructive.

This video illustrates the power of the MainStream Media to devastate a person with a deluge of attacks that clearly take out of context, comments by the convicted person.  Romney has been convicted.

Romney's big win in Florida convict him of being the presumptive nominee.  The same MSM is assuming Romney is the winner and they are beginning the transition to attacking the Republican nominee.  Republicans know this tune.  The melody of love  songs for McCain as the "reasonable moderate", has been given to Romney.  But now, the Marriage is over and he will become the "evil Republican rich guy", and will be attacked just like McCain.

However, in Romney's case there are 4 Factors that compound Mitt Romney's exposure to these attacks and doom his Presidential bid. 

1.  Romney decimated Newt Gingrich with the same deluge of distortions and lies.  Thus, Mitt Romney has opened himself up to attacks by Obama, who will outspend Romney by an estimated $1 Billion to $300 Million.

2.  The Media, who support a failed President, will feel emboldened by Romney's negative attacks - to break new barriers in Bias and Denigrating Romney, as well as ignoring Obama's attacks.  The media will reference a unique Election cycle of negative attacks, initiated by Romney, to justify Obama's attacks as well as their own,  

3.  In addition to the pretzel twists Romney will face, he has a clear record of policy behavior that shifts to whatever is in Mitt Romney's best political interests.  Romney has flipped and flopped like a record Florida smallmouth bass.

4.  The attacks on Romney will do two critical things: 1) Activate and Intensify a demoralized Democrat base and 2) Depress what should be an activated Conservative GOP base.  Only the Establishment GOP could manage to make Obama the favorite in a General Election that sees an abject failure of a President.

Romney  may win the nomination, but he will lose and lose big to Obama in the General Election.  If Rom ney wins the nomination, there will be huge down ticket losses in Congress and statehouses across the country.

Importantly, it is the Conservative Base that can save the day, the country and the Republican Party by stopping Romney. That Conservative Base gave us Ronald Reagan.  It can be done.  There is a strategy to defeating Romney and it a very probable route to the Nomination and Presidency for a Conservative, stated in this article... The Clear Conservative Path to GOP Nomination

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