Friday, September 14, 2012

Chinese Navy Invades Japanese Waters

Chinese Navy Invades Japanese Waters

From the Washington Post...TOKYO — In an increasingly fierce dispute over control of tiny islands and the sea around them, six Chinese maritime patrol ships entered Japanese waters Friday. Japan’s coast guard asked the ships to leave; China said they had every right to be there.

China refuses to leave Japanese territorial waters.
"China’s state-run Xinhua news agency, citing a government statement, said the ships had been sent to the islands — known as Senkaku in Japan; Diaoyu in China — for “law enforcement and patrol activities” and to “demonstrate China’s jurisdiction.”

Chinese jurisdiction?  These islands are in Japanese territorial waters, within the 12 mile exclusive limit.  China sees American weakness and they are going to push the limits.  They have claimed Chinese jurisdiction.

My fellow Americans, this is not some little second rate American attorney filing a ridiculous lawsuit, seeking a settlement.  This is Communist China claiming their sovereignty over islands within Japanese territorial water.  This is a pretext to an eventual power grab.

If you think the Chinese aren't serious, look at their on site warning to the Japanese Coast Guard..."“Diaoyu is China’s territory,” a Chinese ship said in radio communications, according to the Associated Press, which quoted Japan’s coast guard. “This ship is carrying out lawful operations. We urge you to leave the waters immediately.”, according to the Washington Post report.

The Middle East is on fire.  American Embassies are under siege and now reports that the US Embassy in London is being targeted by Muslims.

The chair of Leadership is still empty.

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