Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gallup: Obama Bounce Fades: Obama 47 Romney 46

Gallup:  Obama Bounce Fades: Obama 47 Romney 46

The media wanted us to think that the election was over, that Obama was inevitable.  Just keep in mind that Dukakis was up 17% after his Convention and Jimmy Carter led Ronald Reagan, weeks away from Election Day.

Also, note on the Gallup Link, 56% of Americans think the Government is doing too much.  (More follows)Obama is promising more of the same: Deficit Spending, unsustainable Debt, higher taxes, more regulation of business and less jobs, to sustain his 44 straight months of Unemployment over 8%.

Pathetic economy combined with Middle East policy failures and first US Ambassador killed since 1979...sounds like Jimmy Carter II to me.

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