Monday, September 10, 2012

President Clinton chose Party over Country

President Clinton Chose Party over Country

As President Clinton chose Party over Country, in his defense of Obama's European Socialist Big Government Economy, he lowered his self and his legacy.

We are headed to not only stagnant Job Growth, but to a Debt-ridden emulation of Greece.

President Obama is a failure.  Clinton's Legacy needs to be reexamined.  It was a Republican Congress that dragged Clinton, kicking and screaming into cutting taxes, slowing spending growth, and Welfare Reform.  Clinton fought all of these things, tooth and nail to the bitter end.   Only a mid-term election wipe out of Democrats, forced Clinton into accepting Reagan style Growth Economy policies over failed Government solutions.

President Clinton's defense of Obama is indefensible.
 Clinton corrected his Leftward Government solution lurch, Obama doubled down on Debt and Government Stagnation policies.

After Obama's mid-term election wipe out, Obama doubled down on Debt, bailed out of Entitlement Reform, and increased Regulations, to hamper US economic growth.

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