Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Defense Cuts Lead to Smallest Navy since 1915

From the AP, "the Pentagon faces some $500 billion in reductions in projected spending over 10 years — on top of the $450 billion already under way."

This is the result of Obama's Defense cuts and the failure of Republicans to extract themselves from such a trap as the SuperCommitte.  Boehner is no Gingrich, when it comes to House maneuvering.

"...eliminating one of three "legs" of the U.S. nuclear arsenal — would force a historic shift in nuclear planning. Panetta said he would be forced to eliminate intercontinental ballistic missiles, the globe-circling missiles based in underground silos. These currently consist of 450 Minuteman III missiles based in the north-central U.S."

The concept of the Nuclear Triad was to give a triple fail-safe safety feature.  If an adversary were to solve one key technological breakthrough to destroy one aspect of the Triad, we would still have 2 large   mechanisms to ensure Nuclear Deterrence. These consisted of a Strategic Bomber Force, Strategic ICBM Force, and Strategic Submarine Force.

Other programs targeted for termination or further cut would include the Joint Strike Fighter, next generation Ballistic Missile Submarine, new Army helicopter program and sophisticated Drone programs.

As the US winds down in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US Military is beginning to plan for both fighting a more selective War on Terror and planning for future adversaries.  That means China.  The new Air-Sea Battle Concept, which focuses on Anti-Access and Area Denial countermeasures, would be hit hard by the Budget Cuts.

US Vulnerability to Chinese supersonic Anti Ship Cruise Missiles and the new DF 21D Anti-Carrier Ballistic Missile has the US cutting critical parts of Air-Sea Battle, at a time when Chinese technology is at record levels and gaining rapidly through both acquisitions from the Russians and stealing Western technology.

Upcoming...Specific Articles on Chinese ASBM DF-21D Carrier Killer and Air-Sea Battle Concept coming this week.

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