Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 European Socialist Virtues that are Turning US into Italy

Germans love David Hasselhoff, but they will not love being the financial strongman of Europe.  They will be expected to bail out Portugal, Greece etc...and now Italy.

America can't afford to bail out Italy, we have California to worry about.

For generations, Liberal Democrats have extolled the virtues of Europe and pointed to Europe as the "shining city on a hill".  Now, you rarely hear that yelled from the mountain top.  However, Obama and Pelosi's reign in the House have done far worse.  They are actually emulating Europe and Italy via policy.

The 5 Socialist

Take a quick look at Italy, because California is Italy.  They are bankrupt and they will implode soon, just like Italy.

If you want to see the future of America...examine Italy.  We are going to go down just like Italy. It's only a matter of time.

European Socialism in America:

1.  Uncontrollable Federal Spending - leads to Unsustainable Deficits, now at $1.3 Trillion

2.  Archaic Entitlements - Promises that can't be kept unless programs are drastically reformed, already in the Red.

3.  Stifling Socialistic Regulations - the best example is how we sit on untapped oil and petroleum, blackmailed by a hippie-ish group of Eco-geeks that think enjoying the outdoors is looking at an Ansel Adams painting.

4.  Dependent Marxist Class - as illustrated in the Occupy crowd, who are willing to resort to destruction to maintain their dependency - 47% of Americans now pay no taxes.

5.  No Growth Economy - we have hit the "Atlas Shrugged" wall...Businesses saddled with high taxes, regulation, and a Dependent Class of core Marxists, now about half of our population, crying for their free stuff and more taxes on Business...have moved Capital and Business to the Sideline.

*BTW The EU does not spend on Defense, we provide their Defense...they can't afford it, and the US will be in the same boat soon. Already, we hear the clarion call for huge US Defense cuts.

The fact that Obama is even close in the polls is a laser beam of truth that the jig is nearly up in the United States of America.  Culturally, we are already lost. European Socialist lovers control every facet of our society. From high schools to colleges, from every media to every popular comedian...nearly every journalist and news producer. THERE IS A REASON WHY AN ABJECT FAILURE LIKE OBAMA IS STILL COMPETITIVE IN THE POLLS.

*This trend can be reversed, but it will take a Radical Redirection back to Limited Government.  Romney's luke warm economic plan isn't going to get it done.  Radical and fundamental change is needed.


  1. GREAT! My family fled Italy back in the 50's and here it is ...
    YOUR ARTICLE SAID: Romney's luke warm economic plan isn't going to get it done

    Until people figure out that no matter how well the sheepskin is stretched over the wolf - it is ALWAYS going to be a wolf - things won't change.
    Romney calls himself a Republican - yet the same people who kept the Liberal Lion (from that state) in office for decades are the same ones who helped put him in office.

    This is the day of Liberal Republican's and Socialist Democrats. They are the STATUS QUO - the SAME TYPE which got us into the mess we are in now.

  2. Which begs the Question...what can we do to fundamentally change things?

  3. Indeed that is where we are headed. If conservatives don't stand up for the Freedom of our Country we will be history. Our newly elected officials haven't been fighting the tyranny of the Obama admin.

  4. Conservatives need to unify and defeat the GOP Establishment.

    It's a toss up right now and conservatives aren't even unified yet. Its time to take the GOP over, just like 1980 with Reagan.