Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Water-Boarding Politico.........The Conservative-Cain Strategy

I would take great joy in personally waterboarding the "journ-o-lists" who wrote this meaningless hit piece on Herman Cain.  But I'd also enjoy doing that to GOP Establishment hacks like Joe Scarborough and Karl Tokyo Rove, as well.

Information is important and I'd love to know whether it was Romney or Perry's campaign which gave their opposition research to Politico.  I have my feelings on this, but I won't speculate until more information comes out on it.

The bottom line is that these were allegations made 20 years ago that were found to be "baseless and false"

The media is now spinning Cain's version is a false and misleading way.  Cain has added more information and the Leftist media and GOP Establishment hacks like Tokyo Rove are claiming Cain has changed his story.  That is false.

Herman Cain is the last viable conservative left standing, thus thus attempt at his destruction.  If Cain is out of the way, the Establishment has it's glorious match-up...Romney versus Obama.  A weak Obama actually has a shot to beat a weak Romney, who really can't attack ObamaCare.  It also gives Obama, a politician with no economic successes, an opportunity to go on the offensive.  He can attack Romney's flip-flops, which are numerous and substantial.

Conservatives can still prevail, but it will take  some forward thinking.  The Conservatives will Prevail with 3 Actions:

1.  Conservatives must Rally around Cain - Now...We cannot expect the campaigns of Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum and especially Perry to dropout and support Cain.  It is up to the conservative supporters of said candidates.  This will take thinking ahead and supporting ONE Conservative, now.

2.  Read Above
3.  Read Above...It is that simple.  Romney has no chance if Conservatives are united.  None.  

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