Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kraushaar:  The Credibility of a have to read this

After the National Restaraunt Associaton found her allegations to be baseless, they gave her cash to go away, under the confines of confidentiality.  Now, she is spilling her "baseless and false" claims for a bigger payday.

The History: According to the Associated Press, Kraushaar made other unproven claims at her next job.

"...Kraushaar, 55, filed the complaint while working as a spokeswoman at the Immigration and Naturalization Service...".   "Kraushaar told the AP she considered her employment complaint "relatively minor" and she later dropped it."

Her demands and analysis follow here... 
Kraushaars demands:

- Thousands of dollars in settlement
- Promotion on the Federal pay scale
- One Year Fellowship to Harvard Kennedy School of Government
- Reinstatement of paid leave after an auto accident

This is a nice list of demands, particularly the Harvard gig.  The complaint was described as "minor".  What would a major complaint look like?   A gig at the White House perhaps?

Further, when pressed for more details on the INS complaint, her attorney, Joel Bennett, stated unbelievably, that he considered that complaint "confidential".

Really! Confidential, like the NRA agreement?  

We are observing the letches of society.  People who will lie and make absurd claims for absurd settlements such as "fellowships to Harvard's Kennedy School".  These letches and their attorneys are simply taking advantage of a vague system of protections set up for real abuse victims.

But it is clear that a professional and serial group of dredge is using this system to set up high end financial and work place payouts at the expense of honest people's reputation and careers.

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