Monday, October 31, 2011

MSNBCs Krystal Ball Accepts Innuendo Says Cain Done  (Racy Krystal Ball Photos)

This is an amazing case of "Reverse Karma".  Krystal Ball ran for Congress and personal photos were leaked to the media.
You would think that she would wait to see full information before accepting baseless allegations.
More Photos 

Not since Chinese fighter pilot Wong Wei, who crashed into a US Recon plan has such an appropriate name and incident presented itself.  We give you Krystal Ball.
...from her  MSNBC BIO..."Krystal is passionately dedicated to civility and to improving the quality of political discourse" political buzzzzzz...interesting meaning

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  1. I guess you have to give Krystal kudos for having moxy. She is very attractive. She is very intelligent. But, she still has much to learn about humility.