Friday, September 23, 2011


Perry's Debate Performance was the driver of what is coming next, which is a sharp plummet.  Note that Perry came in on a undeserved front runner bubble and that bubble burst last night.  Romney was sharp and as mentioned by some many of Luntz's post debate group, looked "Presidential, confident, and competent. Look for Romney to move up and possibly retake the lead as the front runner.

Perry seemed to have several openings and kept stumbling and searching for his rhythm.  He seemed searching and then suddenly had that look like he walked into the wrong restroom. It's not over for him but it will take work to recover. He does have money to fill the airwaves with sharper attacks than he seemingly can muster on the debate floor. Perry stubbornness on the Illegal Immigration Border Issue and Subsidized Tuition for Illegals issue is not helping.

Romney, through polished appeal, asserted his position as the real front runner. Remember, to many Republicans, the reality of the damage that Obama as done to the country is immense.  This benefits Romney and he'll get a strong second look now.  To his credit, Romney is assuaging fears, and people are gaining a measure of security that Romney is more conservative, than his Massachusetts Governorship allowed.

Bottom line :  Romney may retake the lead and he may solidify his lead this time with the Obama fear assisting.

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