Monday, September 26, 2011

The US-Pakistani Alliance is Over
Pakistan Defies US, Will Not Attack Haqqani Group

Why would we expect Pakistan to attack the terror group that they assisted in attacks on the US Embassy in Kabul and many other attacks on US soldiers?  It must be noted that American foreign policy weakness is contributing to this situation.

A series of events has shined light on the reality of US-Pakistan relations.  Pakistan's audacious protests of the US operation to kill Bin Laden is only outdone by the fact that Bin Laden was hiding in a huge compound next to the Pakistani elite Military Academy. The size of the compound was one of prominence, obviously one that would have faced scrutiny due to it's location and size.

The SEAL and special operations attack has blown the lid off of any pretense that Pakistani elements were assisting Osama Bin Laden. That much was known inside American Intelligence.  The ISI has a long history of supporting terror groups at odds with US interests.  What is spectacular is that the Pakistani government, now broadly asserting its objections and defying the United States outside of diplomatic channels.

These events lead to the obvious questions and at least partial answers that, yes, the Pakistanis are involved with Al Qaeda, Taliban and other anti American groups, at much higher levels than was analyzed at CIA.

There was a brief gunfight at a hotel in Kabul used as a CIA office on Sunday evening, which is modeling the defiant retaliatory nature of the attack on SEAL Team 6 helicopter assault, recently.

Possibly, more remarkable is that Pakistan is only emulating Iran, who has consistently and directly been aiding insurgency forces in Iraq and other areas.  US forces have caught numerous elite Iranian Al Quds officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The Pakistanis are doing the same thing, fighting against American men and women, just via proxy Taliban groups like Haqqani.

The veneer is off the "ally" and it is high time that we take both short and long term action, in this regard.  Our intelligence has much more detailed information and it needs to see the sunshine of the entire world community.

The US should immediately:
     1. Release intelligence outing the Pakistan terrorist connections
     2. Demand select ISI officials be detained for interrogation.
     3. Attack Haqqani groups harboring inside Pakistan
     4. Announce military sanctions against Pakistan
     5. Advise Pakistan that any future Alliance is up to them and their actions.
Long term the US should:
     1.  Feature a US-Indian Alliance that is the linchpin of US Security interests in the area.
     2.   Bolster Indian Trade relationship to benefit US workers
     3.  Highlight Indian Democracy as the strength stabilization in the area.

What of Pakistani nuclear weapons and the fear of terrorists getting WMD capability?
That fear is real but is not hindered by facing the reality of the Pakistani problem. We have special operations teams that specialize in countering that threat inside of Pakistan.

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