Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama's Diplomatic FUBAR in the UN
The Jewish people in NY9 abandoned Obama, so why is it surprising that the Palestinians miscalculated by pushing for a Statehood vote in the UN?

Why are the Palestinians attempting a Statehood vote in the United Nations?  A vote that is yet another failure of the Obama Administration.   It's very simple, Obama has blundered his way into the MidEast by giving the Terrorists in charge of Palestinian statehood favorable status and clearly isolating Israel.

The isolation of Israel began by completing dissing PM Netanyahu.  When Netanyahu didn't bend to Obama's Pali-centered demands, Obama left the PM sitting for hours in the WH, why Obama dined separately. This was followed up by Obama making a major speech.  The focus of that speech was Israel agreeing to go back to Pre 1967 War boundaries, thus giving up the Strategic Golan Heights and other areas.

Every Obama policy has been radically abandoning our ally, Israel, and supportive of the terror "wannabe" Palestinians.  So, Obama has emboldened the Palis into putting both the United States and Israel into an embarrassing Foreign Policy five alarm PR disaster.

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