Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama Not Vetted...Herman Cain ?

After ignoring Cain's initial debate and polling success, the liberal Media will now maneuver to another takedown strategy.  The Left cannot permit a Black American who is Conservative to be the face of the "Evil GOP".

Cain has come off the liberal socialist reservation and he will be attacked mercilessly. Take the CBS Morning Show Interview. (link not working presently...hmmm)  The two young "journalists" are acting like the overseers of the plantation, "...why run?...".

More important was the body language of these interviewers.  They look like deer in the headlights. One can imagine them thinking, "omg, we can't permit this".

Herman Cain handled the interview magnificently. Blending in his 999 plan naturally and confidently.  But expect Palin like attacks on Cain.  If he takes even a quarter of the black vote away, the Election is over, before it begins.

Update:  Rumors are that internal polling of several candidates indicate Cain is surging in Iowa now.

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