Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Troy Davis was pistol whipping a homeless man. A police officer attempted to help and Troy Davis shot the cop.  After seeing he wounded the officer, Troy Davis stood over him and mercilessly shot the officer in the head.

Let's break the 6 recantations down.  Note, there were 34 total witnesses.

Three were friends of Davis, including one who stated he didn't see who shot the officer, although he admitted being 5 yards away.

One recantation was not a recantation as the homeless man's girlfriend is deceased, there is no evidence of her recanting.

Two recanted only certain things in their recantations.  The Defense refused to call them as witnesses.

Mercy for Troy Davis?  Hopefully he is right with God.

The 3 strongest witness were Air Force personnel that drove out of the drive-through and saw everything and positively IdentifiedTroy Davis without hesitation. In court testimony, they were emphatic that you don't forget the face of somebody who leans over a person and shoots them.

It is standard Defense Attorney tactics now to prey on witnesses that feel like they are killing somebody by giving their personal testimony. This is a common boilerplate tactic.

MARK MACPHAIL...........That's his name, the police officer helping a homeless man. Dead. Gone. This is his Mother.

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