Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vanderbilt Threatens to Ban "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" 

Vanderbilt has placed the "Fellowship of Christians Athletes" and four other campus Christian groups on "Provisional" status for allegedly "violating" non-discrimination policies. Vanderbilt will shut the groups down if they do not adhere to university policy.

One has to really stop and think about this.  A University formed by Methodists is telling Christian groups that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is discriminating, if the group "shares the beliefs, goals and values" of Christians. 

But this is America, so I'm sure the ACLU or US Department of Justice will rush to save the Christian groups' religious freedoms.  Oh wait, it was the ACLU legal suit that led to to this policy of bigotry in the first place.

This is quite incredible.  Liberal "tolerance" in action.

The American Family Association is running an email Action Alert aimed at Vanderbilt.

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