Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rush Plays Chess while Others Play Checkers

Rush commented yesterday that, "...the GOP doesn't want a conservative nominee...".

He went on to mention conservatives who have been attacked, "Perry, Bachmann, Cain...".

Cain hasn't really been attacked as much as ignored.  When Cain one the Florida Straw Poll it didn't matter, when he was named the leader in the Zogby Poll it was written off, when he pulled to a 3 way tie in the Fox poll, it was ignored.....and purposefully misinterpreted by FOX News.

Fox and conservative pundits make a living tearing apart bad polls.  But somehow they missed the CNN Poll that used only Registered voters and used an unstated mix of both Republicans and Independents to massage a poll that showed the GOP race as unchanged since the Florida debate.

Worse, Fox ignored their own Poll of Likely Republican voters that showed the race as a statistical dead heat with a 5.5% margin of error.  Instead, they showed it as Romney recapturing front-runner status. It played out this way in every liberal media outlet across the country: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR.

The overt bigotry of insulting and mocking conservatives has been replaced by the subtle bigotry of ignoring Herman Cain.  Not for long.

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