Friday, September 23, 2011

Will Palin Get In ? Here is Palin's Timeline Window

"Florida Division of Elections has set an Oct. 31 deadline for the Republican Party to provide a list of names of presidential candidates. The very next day, Nov. 1, is the last chance for GOP White House hopefuls to submit a filing fee to get on the ballot in South Carolina."

So Palin will have to target a few days prior to this date to announce if she wants to maintain a surprise announcement.  Forget about dates past this date. Unconventional campaigns also have realistic parameters.

At this point she has not made organizational staff hires to run a campaign. But don't eliminate Palin from running due to this. Gov. Palin has made it very clear she will run a "different" type of campaign.  Palin has the most activated portion of the Conservative and TeaParty Base. She could get an organization and and abundance of foot soldiers and instant cash.

Pundits and Establishment elite in the GOP, along with the Liberal Media will attempt to claim with certainty that she has to run now.  Maybe she won't run, but their timeline is self-serving. It is not valid.

The Perry debate flop may provide Palin with huge incentive to get in this race.  I think based on her statements that she wants in this race. Will she?  It will be brutal on her. But the opening is there for Palin based on:
          1. Still an opening for a strong conservative with base and TeaParty support.
          2. Perry has left an opening and will likely result in a sever vacuum as his polling drops.

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