Saturday, October 15, 2011


Breitbart reports  " Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is carrying $890,000 in debt for his presidential campaign even after giving himself more than $2 million of his own money."

Huntsman...I just knew this guys acted like a Democrat. No, it's not his working for Obama, he just sounded like a Democrat. Then there was his snarky smirk as he attempted to condescend to Herman Cain about his Pizza 999 Plan.  Well, maybe Huntsman should order some extra spicy pepperoni on his pizza and get some Cain MOJO.

The $900,000 is a red flag, pun intended, that Huntsman, indeed, is a Democrat. They love spending and debt. Instead of getting a loan from his Chinese friends, he just loaned $2 million to himself, so technically, he was about $3 million in debt. 

Why is he still in the race? We already have a Democrat to beat.

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