Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Four GOP Candidates To Boycott Univisión Debate

 Univision allegedly tried to blackmail Florida Senator Marco Rubio into an exclusive interview.

Romney, Perry, and Bachmann have all vowed to boycott the debate after a story broke in the Miami Herald, that Univision attempted journalistic blackmail by offering to kill a story about Rubio's brother if the Sen. Rubio would agree to an exclusive interview on Univision.  Rubio refused Univision.

There is an extensive feature story on this in the Miami Herald, here. Three Republican Latinos initiated the boycott.

The Fourth Estate has been lost in America.  It is a serious problem that has been highlighted by Bernie Goldberg's "Bias", but the bias in media has been observed for some time.  20 Years ago, the media bias was subtle, now the bias has turned overt and into advocacy at CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN and NPR.  We don't include DNC PR outlet MSNBC.  One has to wonder how free we are with our information being controlled by a one track Big Government Liberalism fantasy of failure.

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