Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Perry's Tax is Flat...But so is Campaign

It's going to take Perry, a little more than a late-in-coming Economic Plan, to put him back into the race.  He is still in Polling Free Fall at this point. He is polling around 8% nationally and 6% in Ohio.

I like Perry. I think he is a genuine conservative, but it is going to take a miracle to come out of this political tailspin and get back in the race.

His Part II Economic Plan came out Oct 26, which highlights the fact that he didn't have an economic plan and is still working on it.  The Energize America Plan is a great job producer and maybe the best Energy plan that we've ever seen.  A great contribution from Perry. 

His Flat Tax roll-out  is a great strategic move by the Perry Campaign.  It will seem much simpler and easier to understand than the Cain 999 Plan.  But it it should have come out when he first entered the race, when he had the podium and momentum. It would have dominated the campaign and debates.  Cain, is a marketing expert and he and his staff  took advantage of the void in Perry's campaign.

The question with Perry is not his new economic plan, but can the candidate live up to the high standards of a Presidential Campaign.  He has the organization and financial aspects locked down.  Now, we'll see if he can express his policies vocally and translate that into a comeback.

It won't be easy as Cain is on a huge roll in the polls both nationally and in key states like South Carolina, Iowa, and Florida - where he is either beating Romney or tied with Romney.

Perry's Plan could be bolder. Giving the opt in for the new Flat Tax, keeps the same old corrupt system alive, as well as the myriad of Tax Attorneys and Accountants.  It will encourage not simplification but increase gaming not one system but two tax systems. Worst of all it leaves the IRS in tact.

The strengths of the Plan are pretty much the same as Cain and Gingrich's Tax Plans.  Flatter taxes, lower taxes, eliminating many loopholes and onerous taxes such as the capital gains tax.  But, again, is it bold?

Gingrich's plan has lower taxes and Cain's 999 Plan has much lower personal and corporate taxes.

It may be too little...too late for Perry.  He still has much political power with his large organization and financing.  He may rebound some, but most likely he is now more of a king maker.  He could eventually give his political power to Establishment guy Romney, or jump on board the Cain campaign.

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