Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Tea Party...This Isn't 
Yes, this disgusting piece of vermin is defecating on a police officer's vehicle.

Attention Liberal Media:  Your attempts at brainwashing the public into believing that this is the Tea Party, but from the Left, is just inaccurate.  These people are nothing but the same crew of Anti-Capitalist psycho Socialists and Academia brainwashed anti Western misfits, who refuse to take part in civilized society.

Maybe they aren't brainwashed Blacks who support Obama by over 90%, despite the fact that Blacks do worse than all other groups in the Obama economy.  Herman Cain had it right.  Please do not confuse these spoiled college kids and klepto-wannabe hippies, who have the great unwashed part down, with the middle class working people and veterans of the Tea Party.  Yes, the same racists who now support Herman Cain, in large numbers.

Of course, now that the pseudo Bohemians are camping in NY and Metro areas across the country, the Jimmy Hoffa Union types are coming in to exploit the situation.  Let me add that while the rank and file union member is working to feed his family or searching for work to feed his family, the community organizing unionists cadre will be fleshing out the protests.  These are the people who coerce certain workers to pay union dues and gallivant around the country wining and dining on the hard earned union dues of millions.  You will not see these union charlatans sleeping on the streets. No sir, they will be living in posh NY hotels on the backs of laborers.

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