Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GOP Debate:     What Cain Can Expect Tonight

  Cain's 999 Plan is taking heat from all sides...Left, Right, Establishment beholden to the current Tax Code, and deranged RINOs like Joe Scarborough, who have sipped one too many Upper East Side Chardonnays.

Of course we know that CNN will be on its best "Protect Obama at all costs" behavior. They will focus on half-truths and obvious misinterpretations of the Cain 999 Plan.

More important will be the Circular Firing Squad bullets coming form the GOP Candidates.  Questioning Cain's  Economic Recovery Plan is valid and legitimate.   But using  the intellectually dishonest tactics of the liberal media is not acceptable.  Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, Paul and especially Santorum, need to understand that conservatives will consider the manner of their attacks on Cain.

Listen, Bachmann is a good principled conservative, but she has stooped pretty low on her attacks on Perry, using some material that was admittedly made up from anonymous people she has spoken to.  Santorum, has been very critical of any second tier conservative who gets any momentum, first Perry, now Cain.  Does he really want to attack conservatives just so he can "think" he might get asked to be the VP ?Conservatives well remember the Toomey incident in Pennslyvania, where he was politically expedient and left conservatives high and dry.

Some Liberal Style Attacks  To Watch for :

1.  The new Sales Tax opens up an avenue for higher taxes.

This is a very misleading attack.  First, it ignores the taxes that are being eliminated...Capital Gains tax, Dividend tax, Payroll tax, Estate and Death Tax.  Worse it ignores much lower taxes of 9% for Income tax and 9% for Corporate tax.  More importantly it takes the voter down a rabbit hole of illogic.  It is clear that politicians can at any time, propose higher and new taxes. To attack Cain on this track simply defies reason and common sense.

2.  The plan's numbers don't add up, it would create more deficit.

Actually the 999 plan numbers do add up.  I've seen several people who support it like Art Laffer and Paul Ryan agree with the numbers.  Critics also release numbers that agree with the math, but add in  assumptions that are unrealistic and would hinder any proposed plan.  Note that the numbers come in basically neutral to current Revenue numbers with a slight miss to the "less than neutral" side.  Isn't this what we want...a tax cut and more spending cuts?  Cain states on his website his seriousness in cutting spending.  Also, as conservatives are we really going to adopt the Liberal Keynesian static scoring of a Budget?  We know that both tax cuts and eliminating investment taxes brings in more Revenue.

3.   The    sales tax is a VAT...Value Added Tax.

This is blatantly false.  A VAT is a tax  all along the Distribution chain of a product.  The Cain plan only taxes new goods at the end point of retail sale.

4.  But my sales tax is 5 %  and now I get another 9%.

I don't want to be too rude here...but THINK.  State Sales tax is irrelevant to the issue of Federal Tax Reform.  The state sales taxes would be there no matter what reform is adopted.  This is a deceptive tactic to compare apples and oranges and bring is superfluous information.

5.  It won't pass, it can't pass.

This is heard on any reform.  We are talking about literally throwing out the current corrupt Tax Code, with all of its loopholes and subsidies of picking winners and losers.

Paul Ryan  is a big advocate for Herman Cain's 999 Plan.  Guess who will be responsible for ushering in the new President's Economic Recovery Plan? Yes. GOP Budget Chair Paul Ryan.

*Note that there is one specific objection which is out there that is just despicable.  It literally is dishonest regarding a prior letter that Cain published.  It has been taken out of context.  If the letter is read in full -it's pretty obvious what Cain is claiming regarding a sales tax added onto the Current Tax Code. 

The above can be stated by well meaning people who don't understand the 999 Plan or who don't understand the tax system.  They just need to be informed.  But each GOP candidate fully understands these issues and is using liberal tactics if they persist.  THERE ARE LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS...that need to be answered more fully and some areas that may need to be fine-tuned.  The above really are a combination of half-truths, omissions of fact, not understanding the current tax system and lies. Don't be fooled.

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