Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carter Obama:  The Replay
I am just old enough to see both the Carter and Obama Presidencies.   The similarities are striking.  There are many common threads among Obama and Carter.

The most critical in my opinion, is the inability to adjust to the current political environment and continue failed policies.  This leads to blaming the American people, as both did.  Carter accused the people of being in a "Malaise"....Obama told us that we "were soft".

America is not "soft".  Our Business Leaders aren't "lazy".  We only suffer from the failure that is Barrack Obama, sitting in the Oval Office.

When I think of that pansy calling us soft, I can't help but remember the tough years of being in the 82nd Airborne Division and current images of Obama throwing out the first pitch of a baseball game like a school girl pansy.

Anyway, the two are wedded together for being abject miserable FAILURES.

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