Monday, October 31, 2011

Now We KNOW...They Take CAIN Seriously

Politico goes after new Republican frontrunner Herman Cain, with 20 year old allegations.

Of course, there are NO actual statements, evidence or named sources for the smear.  That's the way the Leftist media works.  Interesting, the media and Politico still haven't investigated Obama's homosexual tryst with Larry Sinclair.  It took the media a year to track down the John Edwards affair while his wife was battling cancer. But Black Conservative Herman Cain got about 3 days as the frontrunner before the media resorted to "Clarence Thomas-ing" Herman Cain.

Attention conservative voters...
 the Left, the Media, the Democrats and David Axelrod are absolutely petrified of Herman Cain.  They've been suppressing his success for over a month now.  But the Polls can't be brushed away any longer, and Cain hasn't faded like the "flavor of the month" that they wished him to be.

Give Politico credit.  On page 4 of their hit piece, they put actual names and statements from Cain defenders who worked for and with him at the time.

Cain spokesman JD Gordon, responded:

"Dredging up thinly sourced allegations stemming from Mr. Cain’s tenure as the Chief Executive Officer at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, political trade press are now casting aspersions on his character and spreading rumors that never stood up to the facts.
Since Washington establishment critics haven't had much luck in attacking Mr. Cain's ideas to fix a bad economy and create jobs, they are trying to attack him in any way they can.
Sadly, we’ve seen this movie played out before – a prominent Conservative targeted by liberals simply because they disagree with his politics."

So, from Obama we can't even get a  media complaint about not getting Obama's college transcripts or health records, they give him a pass on an attributed homosexual affair in a limo, a pass on his spiritual advisor being a racist anti-American bigot, and a pass on his relationship with a terrorist bomber in the Weatherman Underground.

But Black conservative Herman Cain can't be sent to the White House.  After all, he may have an affair with an intern and use a cigar to.......well, that was just about sex. Wasn't that the story, ye hypocritical media?

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  1. Cain is getting the Clarence Thomas treatment. But after seeing the way Palin was treated, I've been innoculated against these smears. I don't think it's true, but I don't care if it is.