Friday, October 14, 2011

ENERGIZING AMERICAN JOBS  Full Extensive Plan at Link

"Ending President Obama’s job-killing policies will begin America’s economic recovery. For broader economic and tax reform, this will require Congressional action."

"But in the arena of energy policy, creating jobs requires only the stroke of the president’s pen. This can be done without being mired in Washington gridlock, because a president can rollback intrusive regulations, create energy jobs, and make our nation more secure. As president, Governor Perry will get government out of the way and unleash immediate job growth, freeing the private sector to create 1.2 million jobs, and igniting a manufacturing jobs revolution in America’s heartland. Our recovery begins with tapping the resources under our feet and off our coast."

Perry is attempting to divide his Economic Plan into two parts.  The first part, an Energy Plan is featured in this roll-out.  The logic makes sense, he can enact his Energy Plan nearly in full without the delay of Congressional action, to immediately unleash Jobs.

The Plan is extensive.  It let's America act like an Energy rich Nation, which it is and help create Economic Growth, while at the same time, makes us less dependent on Mid-East countries. 

Here are the 4 Primary Areas of the Energizing America Plan .....   click each area below to go to full area explanation

1  Expand energy exploration offshore and on federal and private lands across the country by executive order, creating over 1.2 million jobs

2  Eliminate current and proposed activist EPA regulations from the Obama administration, saving 2.4 million jobs by 2020 and lowering projected costs by $127 billion

3  Reduce, rebuild, and refocus the EPA federal regulators, returning authority to the states

4  Level the playing field for all energy producers, removing Obama’s practice of picking winners and losers and ending the Obama war on coal and natural gas production

Each Area is very extensively supported and explained.  I highly recommend reading this, whether you support Rick Perry or not. The US has needed a real Energy Policy since the 70s, this is a great start. 

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