Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Take Heart Sarah Palin Fans

Update: Palin's Devout Followrs

Palin will wield incredible power in the upcoming election.  She will endorse somebody in the race and she will pick who she sees as the most conservative and transformational candidate.

In the long term, she will remain a political rock star to the Tea Party and Conservatives. But more importantly, she will have heavy influence with GOP, conservative and Tea Party activists.

Longer Term:  2016 or 2020 are still in play...Palin is very young.

I have incredible respect for the Palin fans, of which I am one.  They saw in Palin a person who went up against the power structure of both the Democrat and Republican Party.  Take heart, Palin is not going away. She will be a power broker for some time to her endorsement process, it could catapult somebody into the lead.  ....also we will see her at the Convention.

Below is the Breaking News Alert
Mark Levin states that Sara Palin has advised him that she will not run for President.

Gov. Sarah Palin, conservative and Tea Pary rockstar will not run for President.  Palin will be sought after by all comers presently in the race.  She will wield a huge amount of power based on her core supporters being so devout to her.

I heard a rumor on this from a friend yesterday and almost blogged it but decided not to based on the lack of confirmation on the information

My analysis on why she didn't run and who she will endorse will be in Updates.

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