Thursday, October 13, 2011

     The Secret to Herman Cain's 999 Plan Success
The most recent Wall Street Journal Poll shows Cain leading the Republican Primary, 27% to Romney's 23%.  At the most recent debate, the Cain 999 Plan dominated the debate and discussion.  Though the plan was roundly attacked by the moderators and competitors, Cain's Economic Plan wasn't damaged.

What is appealing about Herman Cain's 999 Plan?

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."...Albert Einstein

The political gurus and pundits still have not locked into the sentiment of the American people.  They are fed up with professional politicians. They have seen Elite Harvard and Yale Ivy Leaguers fail at every level of government power. They've see the comprehensive machinations of great thinkers weaken our country with $14 Trillion in Debt and run us off the cliff with annual Budget Deficits of  $1.3 Trillion.  They've seen sustained high levels of unemployment, go unchecked with a real economic Recovery plan.

Enter Herman Cain.  His plan is clarifying in that it gives us that Reaganesque simplicity.  Simple is not necessarily simplistic. The plan combines the concept of completely destroying the current tax code with a replacement plan that is simple, but has roots in deeper  conservative economic thought.

The Cain Plan is "Uber Supply Side Economics".  If we really are believers in Supply Side, Liberty (less government), and putting money into the pockets of the productive and Investor Class...this is a plan to be taken seriously and considered.

Cain's plan has the potential to free up American Economic Exceptionalism by:

1) Eliminating Capital Gains and Dividend Taxes...which frees up people to truly invest in America, which creates wealth and jobs. This is no small idea.  This will unleash pent up investment in the real private sector. It will also broaden and deepen the investor class to working and middle class families.

2) Flat taxation on income...which allows individuals who have succeeded to be more likely to start new businesses and or, more likely to take discretionary income and invest it in great American companies.

3) Lower Corporate Taxes and Death of Loopholes and current Tax Code...... put every American business on a level playing field by having a flat tax and elimination of the Government picking winners and losers.  This resonates with America after seeing the failure of government "investment" in Solyndra.

This is not an exhaustive look at Cain's 999 Plan, but I wanted to get at the root cause of Cain's surge and the 999 Plan is part of that.  Cain is seen as an Outsider, a Leader, and a Businessman who is a Problem-Solver.


  1. Cain's got my vote.

  2. Cain is not the "flavor of the month". He has a sound viable economic policy and he is fairly adept at handling "gotcha" questions from the media.

    Voters see him as an experienced solutions-centered outsider with business experience. He is also perceived as being a great leader.

    RB Miller