Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Video Anthology: Lawrence O'Donnell Liberal Craziness.....Video Story

Here Lawrence O'Donnell goes insane and Joe Scarborough has to cut to commercial.

Lawrence O'Donnell  craziness : Congressman John Culberson not allowed to talk, "Do you wonder why no one listens to MSNBC?"

Skip to 6 minute mark to hear Scarborough dress down Lawrence O'Donnell's personal insults.  Joe gives facts and rational answers, O'Donnell doubles down on personal invective and unproven accusations.

It may be true that Lawrence is a little vile, a little insane and a tad angry...but the real reason for his anger is that he is a committed Marxist, who disguises himself as a Socialist.  One can imagine his explosive anger fitting right into a movie scene where he lines up Liberty loving Constitutionalists and fires on them. He literally seethes anger.  Perhaps, he is the THE ANGRY WHITE MALE?

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