Monday, October 10, 2011


Anybody else find this Ironic?  A nation that can't balance its budget, nor limit or control its debt wins international prizes for Economics.  More amazing is that a White House Press corps allows a sitting President to literally state that he "We will not be adding more to the national debt, ", that has a current annual budget deficit of ...drumroll.....$1.3 Trillion.

Here’s the list of the projections for publicly held debt every year:  These are based on Obama's Projected Budgets. It should be noted that the economic assumptions are pie in the sky rosey:

Year   Public debt
2010: $9.019 trillion
2011: $10.856 trillion
2012: $11.881 trillion
2013: $12,784 trillion
2014: $13,562 trillion
2015: $14.301 trillion
2016: $15.064 trillion
2017: $15.795 trillion
2018: $16.513 trillion
2019: $17.284 trillion
2020: $18.103 trillion
2021: $18.967 trillion

Is the White House Press ignorant or just covering for Obama when he makes blatant lies like this?  Jake Tapper actually questioned the President in this regard, recently.  Not one WH correspondent followed up on this appalling and dangerous lie by Obama. 

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